How To Share Your Articles or Blog Posts For The Best Exposure

By Gina Stricklind / April 20, 2022

The web has grown so much, it can be daunting to manage your content now. Writing and publishing an article now, doesn’t mean it’ll drive traffic to your website. You need to post your article on multiple touch points across the web, because your target audience is no longer browsing in a single place anymore.…

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How To Embed An Editable Google Sheet

By Gina Stricklind / March 29, 2022

This article will show you how to set up and embed an editable Google Sheet into a webpage so that other people viewing the page or given the appropriate access can make changes to the sheet from your website. Step 1: Create and share access If you haven’t done so already, create your document and…

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How to promote an event online

By Gina Stricklind / September 27, 2021

Sometimes promoting or marketing an event can feel overwhelming, especially with all the different platforms to post on now. This article assumes you have the bare details set already like: date + time, location, event goal, audience, etc. We’re all about systems and processes here, so while you create your checklist for the event execution,…

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5 Simple Things To Optimize Your Social Accounts Right Now

By 3moons / June 6, 2019

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, the amount of endless tasks that you should be doing with your social media accounts to promote your brand. While there is so much to do on an ongoing basis, we cannot forget the basics. Starting with the small things will set you up for success! 1. Check your bio or…

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Protected: Tips for writing content for your website

By 3moons / December 7, 2016

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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How To Use The WordPress App With Your New Site

By 3moons / April 30, 2016

Similarly to SquareSpace and other platforms, WordPress has a nice little app that you can use to manage some of the basics of your new website. Keep in mind that some of the more advanced editing features may not be supported. While the app is great when you’re on the go, to take full advantage…

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