Event Marketing

Let's make your event look great on all online platforms!

Visual hierarchy +
Design Strategy

When it comes to letting people know about your event, you need to decide what information to give them first, hook them into finding out more and follow through with a sign up.

Do You Need Graphics to broadcast your event?

Whether your event is online or offline, you'll need all the various graphics to inform people on about what you're doing. One image wont do; it'll get cropped oddly depending on the platform, be too hard to read on small screens or it won't grab enough attention.

We're here to help you with all your platforms.




campaign + design

downloads + printables

digital + booths

Typical event marketing packages

Some events need less; some events need more. We have common packages set up, but they are fully customizable to fit what your event needs.

Save The Date

Call for Speakers

Call for Sponsors

Speaker + Keynote Info

Sponsors Highlight

Each Day Description

Flyer or PDF (to print or download)

Branded Powerpoint Template

Thank You for Attending

Thank You Sponsors

Takeaway or Summary

Our Event Design Process

  1. Event Theme Discussion
    We start by discussing your event: what your purpose, reason, or topic is. We'll also ask you if you have any design inspiration or initial ideas before we start on our own. We want to make sure your event looks and feels the the way it should for the event's purpose. 
  2. Mockup Designs + Revisions We create a few mockups and color schemes to start. After presenting them to you for feedback, we merge the colors with the chosen design and revise until we have the final product.
  3. Final Event Theme We now create some of the basic standard graphics while you continue to gather speaker and sponsor information. This is a good time to create your event landing pages as well.
  4. Continuous Delivery What's unique about our package is that we essentially act as part of the event team. We understand that it takes time get information from your speakers or sponsors so we're ready to knock out that next graphic within a day or two if not a few hours after you send us the info. You can also let us know if you need any extras during this time and we'll discuss how much extra time this will take and when we can get it over to you.
  5. End of Event + Wrap Up A few days after the event, if needed, we're ready to create the last of your graphics or PDF's if you're doing any "thank-you's", recaps, or key takeaways. This is also the time we'll be revising any landing pages if you had us working on your website, as well as moving content over (like recorded session videos) to a member's only area if you have one. 

Optional - Conference Event Website Pages

Make your website work for your event.
Minimizing third party applications can help your event or business stay organized and minimize costs. We can also help you create automations and systems so you're doing less manual work/hours and we let the digital scripts handle most of the processes.
Let us know if you'd like to find out more about what we can do for your website.

Sell event tickets directly on your website

Setup event information, intake forms, and call for speakers + sponsors

Create a membership area on your website

Auto expire membership access or utilize recurring billing

Give members exclusive access to recordings and playbacks