A well designed logo has the potential to attract 80% more customers.

Why is your logo important?

Your brand image is often the first thing someone sees or it's the impression left behind after an interaction.

Designers spend years learning how humans react to color or design and the psychological effects it has on our complex brains. Your brand has the ability to attract what it puts out in the world - it's worth the investment to make sure your brand image is on point and focused on who your target customers are.

Product Logo Design

A logo should be distinctive enough to be easily recognized and simple enough to work across multiple media.

Our Branding Process

The full process includes a few very thorough steps. When we're done, you'll have much more than just a logo. You'll have a strong brand and a guidebook moving forward that you can hand off to your team so your brand image remains consistent.

  1. DiscoveryBranding stylescapes sampleWe start by learning as much as possible about your business. This includes company origin, values, long-term goals, target audience, positioning, messaging, tone, personality and more. We talk about your business's overall aesthetic: the mood, colors, style, typography, and visual elements.
    Branding stylescapes sample
    From all of this, we create stylescapes that incorporate the message your business wants to communicate. These stylescapes are refined and meant to enhance the creative process before heading into concept design.
  2. Design Logo concept sketchingFrom the discovery phase, we start designing concepts. These are based on the brand message we uncover. An image is worth 1000 words, so these first 3 concepts are 3 unique directions that speak to your values. Logo concept sketching
  3. Revisions We narrow down and revise the design until your logo best represents your desired brand image. Because of our in-depth discovery phase, we've deeply gotten to know your business and the amount of revisions needed is typically much less than normal. But for any reason if you need more, just let us know - our goal is always to create something that resonates with you and your business.
  4. Delivery Your final delivery will include all appropriate files for both print and digital applications - even icons for social media and your website. You're also provided with a a brand guidebook so you can be sure your brand stays consistent.

The branding process is designed to help create integrity for your business.

Alternative designs are created for different environments (vertical/horizontal lockup, light/dark, micro/macro) so there is no need to stretch, recolor or redefine in any way.

A good logo makes an impact both in color and in black and white.

Brand Workshop

A strong business with lots of touchpoints needs more than just one logo for different screen sizes and uses. You need a brand identity; simple and effective designs that work together as a whole.

  • 3 initial concepts
  • 3 revisions
  • Primary logo design
  • Secondary logo design (social icon)
  • Brand guidelines booklet
  • Favicon, supporting illustrations
  • Business card design
  • Exclusive usage rights

All of this starting at $999

*unlimited revisions at hourly rate

Business Logo Design With Brand Worksop

Other Options & Design Services

Simple Logo

We provide all necessary print and digital files for your new logo.

  • 2 initial concepts
  • 2 revisions
  • 1 logo design


Digital Prints
Brochures, Business cards, Booklets, Posters, Flyers, Buttons, Stickers, Magnets, Door Hangers, Envelope, Letterhead, Gift Certificates, Pins, Cups, T-shirts, Invitations.

Product design
Book covers, boxes, bottles, bags, and other various product designs.

Online & offline.

Supporting elements like icons and illustrations supplement the brand message online or in print.