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Experience Seven Oaks Website Development

Established by Castle & Cooke, Seven Oaks is home to Bakersfield's most prestigious neighborhoods and the premier Seven Oaks Country Club. For more than 20 years, this vibrant community has united individuals, businesses, and community organizations to create a thriving place to call home. Now, Bolthouse Properties is carrying forward the legacy through the planned growth of Seven Oaks.

3 Moons Studio and Six23 Media worked together to build a custom website and design that showcased these new and future developments in Bakersfield, California.

We enjoyed transforming a mere web presence into a captivating narrative that embodies the spirit and vitality of Bakersfield's evolving landscape by integrating interactive maps, comprehensive business directories for the retail centers, and showcasing each community's distinctive features.

Remaining faithful to the overarching brand identity, we adeptly interwove the unique essence of each community into their respective pages. The website also spotlights past events and fosters community engagement.

Experience Seven Oaks Bakersfield California Website Redesign

Social Media
Management + Content:
Brewing Success Podcast

3 Moons Studio also created the Instagram highlight covers, designed a custom Links page with an integrated signup form, featured product highlights on the Links page, established a broadcast channel for motivational and podcast updates, curated a social media content catalog containing podcast snippets and custom-designed graphics aligned with the brand.

Additionally, we created the podcast website, set up Mailchimp for weekly newsletter distribution, and assisted the client with managing all communication.

Green Living Organic eCommerce Website Development

A holistic health coach based in Canada needed a way to reach new clients, while also being able to sell her services and products in a way that was streamlined and synced with her availability and product stock.

Her website showcases her certificates + demonstrates her knowledge and dedication for helping her clients achieve healthier habits and lifestyles.

Accessibility optimization and comprehensive testing were conducted to ensure that individuals with disabilities can navigate her website effortlessly. Moreover, these efforts were made to guarantee that her services remain accessible to all who may require or desire them, without any exclusion from utilizing the website.

Website Design and development for a holistic health coach with an ecommerce store and scheduling for coaching.

Social Media
Management + Content:
Non Negotiable

A lifestyle clothing brand born to embody your value as a human.

The passion behind this brand is to build a clothing line focused on community and outreach. The designs are passionately made by the owner and other artists. Fueled by HOPE & VALUE, the brand strives to use profits to give back to the community in various ways.

3 Moons Studio helped provide photos and tailored content around the strategic guide for communicating the brand values online.

Stewardship International Website Design

After many online and offline projects, the Stewards finally created a base (website) station for all the amazing things they've been working on. It's simple, clean, and straight to the point. From writing history books to fighting against human trafficking, you may have even seen their documentary online in 2019.

Non profit website example

Crossfit Gym Website: Crossfit TOB
Website Development

We were lucky enough to connect these wonderful gym owners and help them with their website. Their big problem was that the mobile site had no contact information, but the desktop site did. At the time roughly 60% of people were using their cellular devices to navigate the web and research local businesses online. Meaning, 60% of visitors were not able to contact the business, which in turn decreases conversions & members. While fixing the contact problem, we also included a search engine friendly schedule and pricing table.

With any website we create, we always try to make editing such things as easy as possible, so you don't need to rely on a designer to create graphics. Text information also keep the search engines happy and makes your website easier to index.

Federated Student Loan Advisors Website Design and Development

FSLA had an old website that was hard to manage and didn't look professional. Since most of their traffic originated online from advertising, they needed to build trust with their visitors with a professional elegant design.

3 Moons Studio work to build a custom form that tied into their email marketing software. A responsive data table was also created that was easy to understand and read, even for mobile devices when most data tables expand horizontally or break down into unreadable lines. Making sure the mobile version of a website has the same content as the desktop and is still fully legible is very important.