Website Design & Development

Your website design should be tailored around a strategy that helps you achieve your business goals - whether it's saving you time, generating leads or meeting sales goals.

Our Approach

Your website will be built in a way that will allow for future growth and extendability. Two years from now, if you need eCommerce, you won't need to rebuild your site or start from scratch. If you suddenly need to rebrand your business, but most of the site content stays, then we can do that without starting from scratch too.

Unlike other platforms, you own the site and the files are yours.

  1. Discovery We discuss to your wants, needs, immediate goals and long term goals of your business to find out more about the problems at hand and how we can help solve them.
  2. Strategy We create solutions based off the discovery and design the content of your pages to achieve your goals. We also keep in mind the growth of your website so it can accommodate.
  3. Design Once we have the first two steps complete, we can then work our design magic to start to visualize the project coming together.
  4. Development The design is converted into a functioning website and technical SEO is adding during this phase. The site is tested for mobile readability and compliance before being deployed. 
  5. Launch Once complete, you'll have administrator access with an easy to use user interface to edit page content yourself instead of needing to have us do it for you. Of course, we're always available to give you assistance regarding such updates if you'd like. If you anticipate needing on-going help with the website, we offer monthly retainers at a reduced rate.

Advanced features and integrations

Make your website work for you. If done right, it can save you time (and money), so you can focus on what you need to focus on to keep your life and organization moving forward.

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Online Scheduling
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Online Courses
Built within your website

Online Course Websites

Whether you're just starting out, or have a few online courses already published, sometimes it's more cost effective to have the courses hosted on your website instead of paying for an additional service platform.

We help you structure your course(s) into lessons and quizzes, integrate your favorite credit card processor, and aid you with any pain points you might have during the content process.

*Content heavy websites may benefit from using Amazon's AWS servers for content resources. Amazon provides hosting for media files such as PDF downloads, images, audio files and video for just pennies to start.

Sample memebership pricing table

Online Membership Websites

You can offer subscription based memberships on your own website, recurring monthly or yearly + trial periods. You're in full control of what content can be accessed by which members.

It's not uncommon for our clients to have both memberships and online courses running on their website! If you're using external separate services for this, your monthly bill can be upwards of $600 depending on your needs. Why not decrease that over head with a site you can own + minimize your monthly expenses?

Trial period for new subscribers

Coupon codes

Different membership access levels and pricing

Allow members to upgrade/downgrade

Automatic renewal and/or renewal email notifications to subscribers

Privacy Policy (with our maintenance plan)

*AWS integration

and so much more!

*If you have a lot of resources and a lot of website traffic, it's often best to offload those to Amazon's AWS service which can reduce your website hosting usage.

Nonprofit Organization Website Development
Online Membership Website

Personal Brand Websites

If you're a beginning influencer or online entrepreneur your website is your headquarters.

We've created a strategy that gets you started and guides you even after launch so you don't feel lost.

We'll build a website for you that will help you:

  1. Create and build a email list
  2. Create a Blog/Podcast
  3. Generate leads

Post launch, you'll receive a starter guide that will help you generate traffic to your website and grow or nurture your leads:

  1. Social media tips
  2. Content creation tips
  3. Email marketing tips
Websites for Influencers

Let's build you a website that makes you money.