Websites Designed For Accessibility

Reduce your risk of litigation by following accessibility guidelines from the start — overlays are simply a temporary solution for issues that need resolved at the root.

We also offer remediation  for existing websites, to help resolve accessibility issues without a complete redesign.

Accessibility + SEO

SEO and accessibility best practices have a lot of crossover. Your websites SEO will be improved greatly as you improve your website accessibility practices.

Marketing Agency Ready

All of our websites are compatible with marketing agency strategies. While we don't offer marketing services, we partner with agencies across the United States to build websites so they can offer marketing solutions.

Automated Testing

Before publishing a new website, we run through a series of automated tests and you are provided documentation of a passing score.

Optional Manual Testing

You are equipped with the option to have the website tested manually with a real person an any point (before or after publishing) at an additional cost.

Website accessibility allows people with disabilities to access the web. It means that physically challenged people should be able to perceive, comprehend, navigate, and interact with the web. Web accessibility also benefits people with changing abilities due to aging.

Our Website Design + Development Process

Your website will be built in a way that will allow for future growth and extendability. Two years from now, if you need eCommerce, you won't need to rebuild your site or start from scratch. If you suddenly need to rebrand your business, but most of the site content stays, then we can do that without starting from scratch too.

Unlike other platforms, you own the site and the files are yours.

  1. Discovery We discuss to your wants, needs, immediate goals and long term goals of your business to find out more about the problems at hand and how we can help solve them.
  2. Strategy We create solutions based off the discovery and design the content of your pages to achieve your goals. We also keep in mind the growth of your website so it can accommodate.
  3. Design Once we have the first two steps complete, we can then work our design magic to start to visualize the project coming together.
  4. Development The design is converted into a functioning website and technical SEO is added during this phase. The site is tested for mobile readability and compliance before being deployed. 
  5. Launch Once complete, you'll have administrator access with an easy to use user interface to edit page content yourself instead of needing to have us do it for you. Of course, we're always available to give you assistance regarding such updates if you'd like. If you anticipate needing on-going help with the website, we offer monthly retainers at a reduced rate.
  6. Ongoing Monthly Maintenance Gone are the days where we could "set it and forget it". Websites are susceptible to viruses and malware injections - we are proactive in preventing these breaches.

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
– Tim Berners-Lee

Whats Included with Our Websites

SEO optimized code base

Website hosting included

Monthly maintenance + care

Monthly backups

SSL certification

Malware + virus protection

Matches your branding

Compatible with marketing

Full website access

Ability for you to edit any part of the website

Broken link monitoring

Monthly reports sent to your email

Includes accessibility statement

Includes privacy policy and terms of use statements + notifications on updates immediately

Customizable forms

Large multimedia/video hosting