5 Simple Things To Optimize Your Social Accounts Right Now

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, the amount of endless tasks that you should be doing with your social media accounts to promote your brand. While there is so much to do on an ongoing basis, we cannot forget the basics. Starting with the small things will set you up for success!

1. Check your bio or brand descriptions

Every one of your social media profiles should have a similar description if not the same. Check that these are up to date and accurate. Including a target keyword or two in your bio for better search results wouldn’t hurt either 😉 .

2. Don’t use personal pages for a company profile

For Facebook, use the business or personal brand page instead of a personal profile. You’ll get access to rich features like analytics, reviews, call to action buttons, listing services or products, ads or boosted posts, and so much more. You’ll need to use a personal account to create one, and it might be a good idea to have a secondary administrator on the account in the case something ever happens to yours.

LinkedIn is another important social platform for your business – if your business is not a personal brand, create a company page. The company page can then be linked on the company website and from your personal profile.

3. Use high quality images

Please don’t remind us of our bad style in the 90’s. With smart phones and free stock photography now, great looking photos are much easier to come by. They create a better image of the brand and are really enjoyable to look at. If you’re on Instagram, that platform is all about pretty images: glamour shots (even of dogs), flat lays, nature and scenery are widely popular.

It’s important that your profile photos and cover photos are great quality too. Make sure they don’t crop awkwardly and your logo is easy to recognize even as a thumbnail.

4. Have accurate contact information & hours

Having up-to-date contact information is extremely important. Maybe take the extra minute to TEST that it works too. Technology isn’t perfect, sometimes emails stop working and voicemail-boxes get full.

If you’ve ever Googled for a business, you’ve noticed that they often have their hours of operation displayed right in the listing. Google occasionally sends out emails to these businesses asking about their hours for upcoming holidays – don’t ignore these. Think of it like an actual person calling you and asking if you’ll be open.

5. Be active or shutter unused accounts

Sometimes we see brands that have ALL the social media accounts, but they don’t utilize them – thinking that linking to these accounts might benefit their SEO. While that idea is true, it’s actually not beneficial if those accounts don’t have activity and it’s bad for your brand image. It’s better to remove those unused accounts – but try to use at least 1 or 2 to connect with your community and consumers.


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